T-Handle Metal Anal Beads Prostate Massager




- 5 beads of different sizes, the anus is gradually filled.
- T-shaped handle, easy to pull out of the body.
- Suitable for experienced players.
- Slender rod does not enlarge the anal entrance.
- The material is safe, no harm to the body.

This toy is not suitable for beginners. We strongly recommend experienced buyers to use. Apply a lot of lubricant, the smallest bead on the top will easily slip into your anus. The 5 beads are completely different, gradually increase in size from top to bottom. Slowly push these exciting beads into your anus, they will give you a feeling of gradual fullness and satisfaction. After your anus has completely swallowed these beads, the entrance can take a short rest. The slender pole will not enlarge your anal entrance. It also gives you enough space for your thrust. Take a deep breath, then hook the handle and pull the bead straight out. This will bring you unexpected pleasure.

- Aluminum alloy material, durable.
- Beads size: 20/23/28/30/32mm

How to use:
1. Wash the anal beads with toy cleaning fluid.
2. Apply a lot of lubricant.
3. Gradually stuff the beads into the anus.

Package included:
1 x Prostate Massager

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