ROOMFUN Ostrich Feather Flirting Adult Couple Sex Toy




  • Black and silver contrast, highlight the noble temperament.
  • Ostrich feathers, highly tough and durable.
  • Slender and soft material, pass over sensitive areas causing itching pleasure.
  • Slim handle with coils, easy to hold with one hand.



Do you want to experience the thrill of itching in your private areas? Do you want to increase the richness of foreplay? Rich and exciting foreplay is the key to the sweet bedroom game. This feather toy is specially designed to increase sexual desire. It can be used with your other SM toys to get the most delicious intercourse. The naked lover knelt on the bed with her limbs tied behind her and rosy mouth blocked. Her watery eyes reveal petitions and longings, staring at you who are walking slowly forward with feathers in hand. The tender feather first reaches to the twinkling eyes which is stimulated to close, then it goes down to nose, lips, and keeps proceeding. That pair of white and plump breasts is your favorite. Watching your mate tremble and spit from itching with a groan, your desire swells to the apex, and you can’t wait to pounce on her to start the next round of the game.



Product size: 3.9 x 11.4 x 15.7”

Weight: 0.55 lb

Material: ostrich feather + stainless steel


Package included:
1 x feather toy

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