O-shaped Open Mouth Ring Gag




  • O-shaped gag ring, force your sub’s mouth open.
  • Unique double-circle design, support the upper jaw for longer game.
  • Tongue depressor stretching from the below, confine the naughty tongue.
  • Integrated design, ensure maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable strap, suitable for most people.



Are you addicted to dom-sub mandatory games? This plaything is definitely a classic among BDSM toys. This gag ring can keep your sub's mouth wide open, with the tongue depressor, stretching from the below, confining the naughty tongue. Perfect for those who prefer the pretty sounds their sub makes, but is sick of hearing them talk back. With wrists and ankles hogtied behind, her watery eyes stare at you eagerly. You walk around her to continuously spank and knead. Her eyes follow you along the way with a desirous moan spiting from her wide-open mouth. She'll probably want to suck your dick or pray for your releasing her, but cannot speak with a gag ring in. Eventually, you move back to her front, expose your great cock and shove it past the ring into her mouth, hard. Plentiful saliva drips down the corner of the mouth. The erotic image and physical stimulation take you into the land of ecstasy and bliss. During your continued movements, she continues to make those pleasure-filled noises. Her expression tells you that all she want is keep going ahead. Can’t wait to try it, do you?



Tongue depressor: 0.6 x 0.2 x 1.6”

Gag ring diameter: 1.6”

Weight: 0.4 lb

Material: metal + leather


Package included:

1 x gag ring

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