KISSTOY 3 Intensities Modes Bowling Automatic Electric Enema Bulb




  • Bowling-style design, prevent it from dropping off while using.
  • 5 drainage holes with 3 automatic drainage speeds, all-around asshole cleaning.
  • Fully automatic anal douche cleansing system, make the act of douching pretty straightforward.
  • One single snap button, simple operation.
  • Transparent bottle design, easy to observe the rest.



It looks like a bowling ball, with the thin and long nozzle facilitating the insertion moves and mellow head preventing itself from dropping off the anus, which is ideally sized for just about all anal-play experience levels. This product owns fully automatic anal douche cleansing system, make the act of douching pretty straightforward. Featuring three speeds of effortless drainage and 5 drainage holes, the inner workings send a gentle rinse of water through a sleek, pink silicone nozzle, so that the internal part get fully cleaned. The nozzle attachment allows for multi-directional spray and includes an advanced anti-back flow design. This is an essential item for a healthy life. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate bacterial infections and lead a healthy lifestyle. The bottle has a capacity of 350ml, and the built-in tube is long enough, you don’t have to worry about leaving a small amount of water and being not able to pump it out. With transparent bottle design, you can directly observe the remain amount of water.

Size: 256*78mm
Capacity: 350ml
Material: Silicone+ABS

Package included:
1 x Electric Enema Bulb
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual

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