4.63lb Brown Doggie Realistic Masturbator



Hi, my name is Chocolate and I am from Hawaii. If you ever think of Hawaii, you will think of sunshine, the beach, and me. I have been surfing and dancing for over 10 years, which gives me healthy skin and good shape.
You know what, I don’t indulge in solo play anymore after meeting you. It’s hard not to get lost in your eyes. Please don’t give eyes on me. That will set me on fire and weep my pussy out of control.
Please, please drag your cock through my folds, and explore every inch of my juicy hole. I am craving for doggy, missionary position, and more.
I've imagined it more than once that you hold my ass with one hand, and slap it with another hand as you guide out-of-this-world thrusts with abandon. You move your big guy faster and faster on my ass and we reach the peak of pleasure together.
“Dear, please, harder.” “I need more.”

Quality Guarantee

The product adopts environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless medical-grade silicone and ABS material. All of our products are in accordance with EU CE, ROHS certification, and WEEE directives, and have passed professional tests at home and abroad following environmental standards.

Care and Cleaning

Wash the realistic masturbator with soapy water or good quality cleaner.

Keep it away from direct sunlight, high temperature, heavy pressure, humidity, and pollution.


Product Size: 7.28*7.08*5.51in

Weight: 4.63lb

Material: TPE

Package List 

Product x1


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