14.56'' 3D Vagina Breast Realistic Male Masturbator




Today I received a "mysterious" package, which was a gift for my 18th birthday from a friend. When I saw it was a sex doll, I was shocked and excited! I have never received such a gift! It is like a real female nude. I couldn't help but stretched out my hand to knead her two huge breasts, it was really soft! I feel that my dick is getting hard and want to get more from this beautiful woman. I laid her flat on the table, opened her legs, and then quickly took out my dick and inserted it into her vagina. I felt the raised particles in the vagina rubbing against my dick. It was so comfortable! However, I was no longer satisfied with the vagina. I turned her over and stuffed my hard cock into her anus. I was right. It was totally different. I continued to knead this pair of breasts. After about tens of minutes, I felt that I couldn't help but ejaculate. "This is such a fucking good thing!" I groaned in satisfaction.

Material: TPR
Size: 8.66*7.08*14.56 inch

Package included:
1 x Realistic Male Masturbator

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