10 Randy Jenny Life-Sized Realistic Butt Masturbator



Product Description:

Jenny is a bubble butt with dreamily lifelike detail and soft skin. This is a bigger butt, supple and fat, and you can rub or spank the butt. Skin contact is very important during sex. With a beautiful labia and tight anus, you can choose the hole you like. Once Jenny gets wet though, she'll make you feel even better. Use lubricant to wet her. Jenny's inner grip can be increased by pushing her cheeks together. Jenny also offers two modes of sex: doggy and missionary. Different sex positions give your dick a different pleasure.


Product Size: 10 × 8.7 × 6.3".
Product Weight: 11.24 lb
Product Material: TPE

Package List: 

Includes realistic butt×1.

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